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Outsourced Law Firm Marketing Solutions

CRM Systems / SEO to New Client Retainers / WebsitesLaw Firm Marketing Tips: Do you employ an in-house or outsourced marketing team?

Law firms want to be experts at practicing law but to retain new clients is crucial and therefore, marketing is, ….

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Business Development for Law Firms

Business Development Tools / CRM SystemsBusiness Development and LinkedIn

A law firm’s business development team may be the managing attorney, partners or a dedicated business development person. Be it, ….

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Law Firm SEO and Website Specialist

SEO to New Client Retainers / WebsitesSEO Tips for Law Firms

Many people view SEO as that voodoo or magic that miraculously happens with a stroke of luck! I was recently, ….

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SEO to New Client Retainers / WebsitesShould law firms invest in SEO?

Attorneys have a tall order when it comes to marketing. If you talk to veteran attorneys, it was all reputation, ….

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CRM for Law Firms

CRM SystemsWhy Law Firms Need CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help companies interact with their current customers and give them the tools to attract new, ….

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Getting Paid OnlineMaking it Easy for Clients to Pay

Licking the stamp and mailing out an invoice is what most law firms still do. The administration cost of creating, ….

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