Business Development for Law Firms

Business Development and LinkedIn

A law firm’s business development team may be the managing attorney, partners or a dedicated business development person. Be it referrals or online leads, what actually happens to the lead that becomes a prospect – the one that is not a client as yet? Do they sit in a CRM platform, waiting for some news from you? Or are you bombarding them with emails that are irrelevant and a turn off? This blog is dedicated to B2B law firm business development and the focus here is maximizing the use of LinkedIn – a B2B social media platform used by professionals.

So let’s assume you have a law firm CRM platform – yeay! But how are you utilizing it to grow your law firm? LinkedIn has a great tool to reach out to your potential prospect – it’s called Matched Audiences, which is available for all LinkedIn advertising options, including Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content and Text Ads.

With Matched Audiences, you have three targeting options:

Website re-targeting allows you to bring back visitors who have visited your website or blog article. It empowers you to deliver ad content, send them call to actions and keep your law firm top of mind. Your messaging can be customized based on certain pages on your website – a pretty cool feature.

Account targeting allows you to get laser focussed on who you want to target specifically for a particular campaign. Believe it or not, LinkedIn will take your list of target accounts and perform a match with other users on LinkedIn. And you can most certainly do this by industry segments e.g. technology, contract manufacturing, etc.

Contact targeting – this is amazing; it allows you to upload an email database of the people you want to market to specifically. The key here being to use LinkedIn to communicate with your target contacts.

Although it sounds too good to be true, LinkedIn does offer amazing online networking capabilities – and done right, attorneys can save time and travel costs by attending less networking events. It may be that the human touch goes out the window for a bit, hence the perfect pivot is to create videos, connect through face time or video conferencing – let’s face it, we live in an era that this is now possible.

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