Making it Easy for Clients to Pay

Licking the stamp and mailing out an invoice is what most law firms still do. The administration cost of creating invoices, printing and mailing can easily add up, not to mention the wait time before the client receives the invoice, writes out a check and mails it back! The check is now received, processed and banked – all taking possibly a minimum of 3-4 weeks and sometimes more. And what happens when the payment is late? More statements are sent out, a phone call or two is made and next thing you know the cost of administering the process of collections amounts to more than the invoice. Okay, this could be an exaggeration, but you must admit this is a daunting process!

Websites are more than just sales and marketing tools these days. Yes, you need a website to represent your brand, the law firm’s message and to generate leads. However, have you thought about it also being a payment portal for your clients? The ease of paying online is a trend that most people relate to and are comfortable with. Law firms have the opportunity to do so with their websites. Hooking up a payment portal is not difficult but it does require a website developer to assess and complete the process.

So you want to end the hardship of licking stamps and posting invoices, what should you do next?

Get in touch with your web developer and see how best to connect an online payment portal on your website.

If you don’t have an existing web developer, contact us and we will gladly assess your situation

What to expect from your web developer (sometimes they can ask tough questions that you don’t understand):

What platform was your website built on?

How old is your website?

What online payment system have you signed up with e.g. Paypal, Stripe, ApplePay, Cryptocurrency?

What payment gateway are you currently using with your bank e.g.

Who do you bank with?

The simple solution would be to create a button that reads Online Payment which connects to the payment portal, collecting information from the client, empowering them to pay via credit card or cryptocurrency and receiving an email receipt confirmation. Admittedly cryptocurrency payments are fairly new, but we are seeing the need to consider this during the evaluation process. Payments can also be done on the phone, as most newer websites are mobile friendly.

This cuts the payment processing time and creates a more enjoyable experience for the client. Your firm gets paid faster and people are happier all round. Why wait to get this implemented?