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Five Techniques for Online Marketing for Law Firms

Adapted from BizReport

 The best law firms we have worked with are the ones that not only have great attorneys to defend and advocate for their clients, but also those that have a strong commitment to marketing and business development, and a team appointed to focus on getting their message out to current and prospective clients.

Data from major search engines like Google or communities like Facebook provide robust proof that online marketing is at the heart of marketing strategies for most modern law firms; the internet helps attorneys get their message out and make their services as desirable and as helpful as possible for their clients. More importantly, it helps differentiate one law firm from another and adds strength to existing personal referrals from regular networking and seminar presentations (and investing time in playing golf perhaps!).

Strong online marketing enables firms to connect with clients in a personal, meaningful way. At Iffel International we develop strong, individualized, and effective marketing strategies with a special area of expertise in law firms. We propel your firm to take advantage of all of the online opportunities available to reach your target audience. However, there is a science to these strategies, and attorneys who take on them generally thrive compared to those who resist mandates from Google, refuse to accept current online marketing trends and don’t allow their marketing teams to perform with liberty.

Here is a list of FIVE key marketing techniques that we use to enhance the position of law firms. We also build and/or improve on their websites).

The first technique is choosing the right infrastructure for your website. We recommend creating a site that not only presents your services in an attractive light but is also unobtrusive. Law firms, by their very nature, command a website and web presence that is formal, having an aura of trust and good standing. Although it is often difficult to present a website that is both appealing and formal, Iffel’s web design team can help you create a template and an overall design that is robust and demonstrative of your firm’s talents and specialties. We can help design a website that attracts visitors and has a high rate of converting them into clients. These days, a website is “the” place where a potential client will get his or her first impression of your firm, so it is vital that this first impression be a good one that sets you apart from the competition.

The second recommendation is to display only high-quality content on your website. Content that is of a lower quality can cause potential clients to shy away, thinking your firm is not trustworthy enough to get them out of their legal troubles. Iffel only publishes high-quality content, including articles, blog posts, and high-resolution images. Not only is our content appealing, but it also has the added element of formality, which generates trust in potential clients.

The third recommendation is to use testimonials and results from your firm, in order to further increase the trust factor. Once again, your website is the face of your firm and its respective services. It is important to give visitors a chance to see your firm’s progress and results both in the opinions of previous clients and in terms of statistics and results. We don’t recommend being too showy, but rather just providing a good series of client testimonials and a concise overview of your firm’s progress with key cases. This will not only drive more people to your site, but it will also generate more leads and clients. Providing testimonials from previous clients is important because it shows your firm cares about its clients and gives them a voice; we believe this will help your law firm gain the trust of potential clients.

We also recommend attaching a schema to your website. This schema will basically function as an outline of your site but is also a form of SEO that will help potential clients find you faster and with greater ease. Search engines will identify content related to your legal expertise and send clients to your site based on the keywords you select. We can develop these schemas and add them so that clients will view your firm as a trustworthy source of information coupled with a dependable team able to help with their legal services.

Finally, we recommend considering social media marketing techniques to complement your website. Even if you are not an avid user of Twitter or Facebook, these social media sites are becoming ever more vital to the marketing strategies of law firms and other companies with an online presence. Iffel can help you reach your target audience by deploying a robust, effective social media campaign tailored to your law firm and its respective areas of practice.

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