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Optimizing Digital Marketing for Your Law Firm

Over the past several years, digital marketing has become the primary source of connections between a company and its target customers. These connections are being made online, and companies must adapt to the unique circumstances that the internet provides for marketing. Law firms are no exception to this trend towards digital marketing, and successful law firms use a variety of online strategies to embolden their brand, generate/convert leads, and build client relationships. Here are some tips to optimize digital marketing strategies to grow your law firm.

According to the National Law Review, it is important for law firms to “prioritize substance over style” in optimizing their digital marketing strategies. New technologies can be designed to attract attention, but many law firms overuse them, losing sight of their target audience and prospects. Experts recommend that law firms make their target audience a central priority with digital marketing because devoting resources to this audience, means they will be more likely to be drawn into your law firm, thus establishing a business relationship.

In addition to focusing on their target audiences, experts advise law firms to focus on SEO, or search engine optimization, and to update it regularly. Search engines, such as Google, make changes to their algorithms hundreds of times per year, which means your law firm’s search position may change frequently. SEO industry experts advocate updating SEO properties at least once every 90 days. This includes meticulously scrutinizing keywords — removing those that are ineffective and boosting those keywords with a record of driving leads on specific search engines. This will result in your law firm improving its standing on major search engines and, becoming more discoverable, means more leads and, finally, more financial prosperity.

A common piece of advice from digital marketing experts is for businesses, particularly law firms, to engage in blogging in order to generate leads. Blogging is a clever way to show that your website is current, which means search engines prioritize it. Blogging requires constant updating—every post that is added gives one more indexed page to your website, boosting its standing on search engines. These constant updates create fresh, new content that drives more traffic to your website and social media feeds.

One of the critical components of how any company, small or large, interacts with its clients is through social media. Social media has become one of the preeminent mediums for attracting clients. Law firms should choose the best social media platform to reach their target audience (generally Facebook or Twitter) and then use that platform to engage, providing a new arena to create true client engagement.

Experts also propose that law firms host live events — through digital means — in order to boost their growth potential. Attorneys frequently host live events in the physical world e.g. presenting certain legal topics to live audiences. Now, they can use digital platforms to host those events online, rather than in person, adding a new element to their community presence. Experts endorse the use of webinar services, like GoToWebinar. They also suggest promoting these events in other marketing material channels for your law firm, such as email newsletters and websites, to garner attention to these ‘live’ events.

These email newsletters are critical components to reach your target audience. Law firms across the country rely on email to reach their target audience with messages and offers. Experts say email is still a popular means to reach clients, since it is universal and can be viewed on all kinds of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. This platform is, therefore, more effective than text messaging, which is primarily only accessed through mobile phones. Email newsletters, as well as other digital marketing materials, should still be made mobile, since the majority of clients nowadays read emails, browse the web, and check social media on their smartphones.

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