Should law firms invest in SEO?

Attorneys have a tall order when it comes to marketing. If you talk to veteran attorneys, it was all reputation and word of mouth. These days we have Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and continuous content creation like blogs, video blogs, etc. It is definitely a different approach and can be very confusing. Many attorneys have invested thousands of dollars and have either done well through internet marketing or have lost a lot of money, and as each Google alteration is made, everyone gets more and more confused as to which way to go for a law firm when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some call SEO the voodoo of internet marketing but it really isn’t. The simple way to look at it is getting a website organically ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. No, it isn’t advertising. It is organic rankings that are placed on maps, mobiles and desktops depending on how good your SEO strategy and implementation process is.

The Attorney Conundrum!

Most attorneys have a perception that having a website is good enough. It does not matter what it looks like, but so long as there is a website, Google is going to be happy and rank my site. WRONG! You need to switch your thinking because a website is not just a website but, rather, a sales engine; a BMW racer that will drive along the Google search engine and work its way up to the first page. So first of all, get the website right! If you are on a moped, get it fixed or remain on page 40!

The Sales Engine for Law Firms is the website, think of it this way:

Law Firm Online Marketing Funnel

Law Firm Online Marketing Funnel

The picture above shows you the importance of having a strong website to take on online marketing be it advertising, SEO, Social Media, Blogs, etc. Ultimately, dollars have to be generated, and if the sales engine is not right, it isn’t going to translate into dollars. However, make sure your BMW racer website comes with a dashboard e.g. Google Analytics so you can tell what is working and what isn’t.

The Fuel

To move that BMW racer you need to use the best high octane fuel. No fuel, no engine. No SEO, no Ranking. It is as simple as that. You want to race on the Google search engine, you have to perform SEO and not just any SEO, SEO that is sustainable, legitimate and true to science. It is an engineering function and is non-negotiable. So the answer is yes, you need SEO, but every law firm has to work on what is right for them. A strategy has to be put in place for long tail keyword searches, voice searches and competing head on with the competition.

SEO strategy is critical – before investing in it, have you thought about getting an audit done?