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Building a Law Firm Website that Attracts Clients

With the growth of the Internet as a primary source to showcase businesses, a variety of different online avenues have opened up. This means that attracting clients. is now easier than ever, with endless expansion and customizability opportunities. Law firms have their primary presence through their websites and this avenue is generally what results in client acquisition.

Experts at Lexicata argue that there are “four essential (but often overlooked) steps” that need to be taken into account when designing a law firm website to generate more leads and attract clients. These four steps are outlined in this blog.

The first step is creating a simple, effective way for clients to get in touch with you. No matter how pretty or polished a website may look, it is of no use if clients cannot contact you. Web designing pros recommend that each page on a website has a contact form, a phone number, or a link to a ‘Contact Us’ page. This simple step can ensure that a website is effective, giving clients an accessible, reliable way to get the legal services they need. Clients always look for an easy way to communicate with legal professionals and for a staff responsive to their questions and concerns. One key reason attorneys lose clients is that they are not responsive enough. Experts advise law firms to carefully and frequently review and follow up with clients who have reached out to them.

The second step is having an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. More and more people are searching for attorneys online and, in order for clients to make connections with your firm, they have to be able to find your website. The way to do this is to have an effective, robust SEO strategy. Having the latter will mean that your firm will appear on the first page of major search engines like Google, which is crucial since most people give more credence to those initial results and many don’t even go past that first page. . Effective SEO requires a nuanced, strategic use of “highly searched keywords or phrases throughout your website that will be detected by search engine robots,” according to Lexicata. As a result, it is important for your firm to derive its traffic from those keywords and phrases, and more traffic generally means more revenue. Experts advise hiring an SEO firm that can handle these complex strategies which will improve your search engine presence.

The third step is having a blogging environment on your website. Experts argue that having a blog on your law firm website, can help “[maximize] the payoff of your SEO optimization.” Having more content in the form of blogs that are continuously updated, means search engines pay more attention to your site because it changes frequently. Thus, blogs can act as a conduit for increasing your search engine presence since they encourage recurrent updating and maintenance. In addition, a blog can be a haven for so-called “organic keywords” and “keyword-targeted posts” that help boost marketing efforts and SEO.

Finally, the fourth step is having a presence on review websites. These sites, like Yelp or Avvo, are where the majority of consumers shop for legal services. They help match clients to attorneys, and it is important for your firm to have a presence on those sites to boost client acquisition as well as improve client satisfaction. Positive reviews will help build trust in your community, and also give you the goal of working to improve your reputation.

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